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BookCoverImage“Nestor’s Adventures: I Like Colorado!” is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Get your copy today by clicking the book cover on the right or the Amazon Logo below!

Nestor’s Adventures: I Like Colorado! is a children’s picture book about a little dachshund named Nestor who begins his search to find his lost friend, Little Turtle. Along the way, Nestor is introduced to various historical and iconic symbols of Colorado. Professor Butterfly follows him and explains to the reader all of the interesting animals, trees, flowers and sites Nestor has seen and met. In addition to learning about historical sites and state symbols significant to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, readers are also introduced to key leadership concepts to include encouragement, teamwork, positive attitude and perseverance. The narrative is geared for 1st grade reading levels while the Professor Butterfly comments are geared to 3rd grade reading level. So join Nestor on his adventure and help find Little Turtle too!

Nestor’s Adventures: I Like Colorado! is available through Amazon and is available on Amazon Kindle.

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