Dave Woolever is the author of the Nestor’s Adventures book series. As a professional educator, he teaches various classes to include Creative Leadership, Foundations of Leadership, Ethics of Business Leadership and US History. Dave was born in Frederick, Maryland and grew up in Ravenswood, West Virginia. He graduated as an education major from Shepherd University. He earned a masters degree in education from East Carolina University and a masters degree in history from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Dave is actively engaged in the Denver community where he volunteers in the prescription pet therapy program at Children’s Hospital-Colorado with his dog, Nestor. Through this experience, Dave’s passion for children’s picture books was ignited. “I Like Colorado!” is his first book in the series of Nestor’s Adventures educational picture books.

Maciej Sojka and Agnieszka Sakra are the artists and creative illustrators for the Nestor’s Adventures book series, and Nestor’s Adventures, LLC. As members of Team Honeyflavour, they have produced educational games that are available on a wide assortment of platforms to include PC, Mac, iPAD and Android. In addition Maciej and Agnieszka have created 25 magazines for kids, 530 covers and over 1200 illustrations. In addition, Team Honeyflavour, in association with Nestor’s Adventures, are working on producing a wide variety of children’s picture books available soon on Amazon! Team Honeyflavour are multi-style illustrators having created works in many cartoon styles, natural drawings and different styles generated on request.

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Nestor’s Adventures: I Like Colorado! is available through Amazon and is available on Amazon Kindle.

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