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Upcoming Book – Nestor’s Adventures Nestorsaurus

Well, Nestor and the gang are at it again in another fun filled adventure book! Nestor’s Adventures: Nestorsaurus! is a children’s picture book about a little dachshund named Nestor and his best friend, Little Turtle, who make a trip to the local museum only to find themselves unexpectantly transported to a time far, far away! Accompanied by the ever-studious Professor Butterfly, the gang lands in Dinosaur Land where they meet new friends of all sizes and proportions. Anxious to get their time machine to work again, the dinosaur friends help Nestor look for an elusive gemstone to power the machine while keeping a close eye on Terrible T-Rex, the neighborhood bully. The friends eventually discover that perhaps T-Rex was not the bully after all, and through a series of adventures, the gang learns new meanings of teamwork, inclusion and acceptance of all those they meet! The narrative is geared for 1st grade reading levels while the Professor Butterfly comments are geared to 3rd grade reading level. Packed with a glossary and accurate historic references and dinosaurs from the three major eras, Nestorsaurus is a fun-filled adventure book designed to entertain and educate while exploring concepts such as inclusion, teamwork, acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. So, jump in and join Nestor and his friends on an epic Dinosaur Adventure!

Nestor the dog visits kids at Children’s Hospital in Colorado

Watch Nestor, a lovable dog from our Prescription Pets Program, bring smiles to children all over the hospital. Started in 1987, the Prescription Pets Program at Children’s Colorado was the first program of its kind in the country.

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