Print & Color Nestor’s book Characters!

Let’s have some fun-filled adventures of our own by coloring all the different animals, flowers and friends Nestor knows! Be sure to invite your friends and color Nestor and his friends today!

Below are the images for you to Print & Color!

Here are the instructions on what to do:
1. Click on the Thumbnail of the image to enlarge it to the normal size.
2. Right-click on the image, choose “Save image as” to save the coloring sheet to your computer.
3. From your hard drive, choose the sheet that you want to print, right-click on it and choose “Print” option.
4. In the opened printing dialog please make sure that you choose an appropriate mode to print images: if the image is vertical – then choose “Portrait Layout”, if you are printing a horizontal image – choose the Landscape mode.
5. Color the sheet in Nestor’s Adventures colors, save your art and email the image back to us through the Form on the bottom of this page. We will place your art work in our Gallery.

Here is our Gallery of coloring sheets and colored images that you sent! Thank you for your participation, we hope that you had fun and enjoyed coloring for Nestor!

Nestor's Adventures - Children's Picture Books